Unlock the Secrets to Finding Consistent Off-Market Deals and Funding in Just 4 Weeks..

All While Building the Confidence to Create Unlimited Income and Financial Freedom (Even if You're Just Starting Out)

Don't Let "Lack of Systems" Stop You 
From Flipping and Wholesaling Houses Ever Again

Lack of Systems Should NEVER Be the Reason You Back Out of House Flipping, Wholesaling, or Building a Rental Portfolio... and in This 4 Week Step by Step Program, I'm Going to Show You How to Make Systemizing your investing business a NON-ISSUE Forever...

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The Investor Accelerator Training Program is designed to "de-risk" your real estate investing journey.

FROM: April Crossley

TO: House flippers, wholesalers, rental buyers, and anyone else who wants to make life-changing income in real estate...

Real estate investing isn’t complicated… but sometimes it seems that way. 
(Especially if you’re a new investor or you’re still learning the ropes.)

Does any of this sound familiar…?

  •  “I’ve done a couple deals, but I need a system to get them done faster and do more of them.”
  • ​​“I can’t find good contractors, agents, and private lenders… I feel stuck.”
  • ​​“I want to treat this like a business and get consistent deals… but the things I’m trying aren’t working.”

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these thoughts…

…you’re not alone.

I’ve talked to thousands of new and experienced real estate investors over the last 20 years. They’ve all shared many of the same struggles…

  • No consistent deal flow.
  • Not enough funds to buy more houses.
  • Worried that they’re getting the numbers wrong.
  • Unsure how to negotiate with sellers.
  • ​Fear of unexpected obstacles or huge repairs.
  • ​​Trouble finding good contractors.
  • ​​No clear system or plan to follow.
  • ​​Concerned about market changes.

And the list goes on.

This stuff can seem overwhelming when you’re in the middle of it… and it can keep you stuck flipping or wholesaling just one or two houses a year.

Some of these challenges might even stop you from getting into real estate in the first place.

(Which means no chance of building wealth, increasing your income, and creating a life of freedom for yourself and your family.)

The good news is, there’s a simple way to ERADICATE all of these obstacles at the same time, VERY quickly, without spending years trying to figure it out through trial-and-error.

  • The Investor Accelerator takes you from “knowledge” to “action.”

This isn’t just another “coaching program” or “mastermind group.

This is something completely new.

Inside The Investor Accelerator, our network of mentors, scenario-based trainings, and full-proof systems take you inside actual real estate deals…

Giving you full control to make decisions and test hypotheses…

Letting you take action WITHOUT risk.

(If you make a mistake—my team and I are with you each step of the way.)

The result? You build REAL experience and confidence… without putting your money or your family’s livelihood on the line.

  • If I could get you inside 20 to 30 houses 

And take you through the entire process step by step—signing contracts, getting funding, navigating legal challenges and zoning issues, handling inspections and appraisals, hiring contractors, managing renovations, adjusting your tactics to match various exit strategies depending on market conditions…

But you’re the one taking action…

(You’re not just watching me do it)...

And none of your money is at risk…

(No family loans, no bank loans, nothing)...

  • …how fast do you think you could go from “beginner” to “confident expert?”

For Investor Accelerator member Donna, it only took a couple weeks...

This is what it’s like getting into the Investor Accelerator.

The only question is…

  • Are you ready to commit?

The Investor Accelerator gives you a proven process to follow to build a profitable, consistent income flipping or wholesaling houses—plus passive income opportunities as you grow and acquire more properties. There’s no guesswork or trial-and-error. Everything is here.

You’ll learn how to find off-market deals at discounted prices, how to run the numbers so your profit is built-in, scaling your marketing, which exit strategies to use in certain situations, creative finance strategies, how to protect yourself and your business as the market changes, and more…

If you think you might be a good fit for this group, enroll below! 

What you'll find inside The Investor Accelerator...

  • Week 1:  Marketing Strategies with April 
  • Week 2: Analyzing Deals with April
  • Week 3: Rehab Projects and Mastering Costs with April
  • ​Week 4: Lead Management Process with Modesta
  • ​BONUS: Email Access to April so you can get your questions answered quickly and effectively. 
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to the Investor Accelerator Training, Bonuses, and All Future Updates
Exclusive Member Discounts (Priceless)
  • Save money with steep members-only discounts on yearly events, masterminds, virtual events, products, tools, and more!
Unparalleled Community + Network! (Priceless)
  • Your future deal partners are waiting. Connect with an honest, authentic community of action-takers who'll encourage, support, and motivate you to be the best version of yourself!
BONUS #1: Rehab Boss Contractor Course ($997 Value)
  • How to find contractors training 
  • How to get multiple bids training
  • Walkthrough plan training
  • ​Understanding materials training
  • ​How to pay contractors training
  • Contractor Interview Sheet [PDF + Word Doc]
  • Property Walkthrough Sheet 
  • Sample Bid from Good Contracting LLC
  • ​Sample Change of Contract Order Form 
  • ​Scope of Work Template
BONUS #2: Exclusive Property Walkthrough Google Drive ($1,697 Value)
  • How to tell if deck boards are old 
  • Understanding problems that could arise with old decks
  • Why you should check to see if the deck is level
  • ​Understanding materials & what you need training
  • ​How to make sure decks were built with the correct materials (and what those materials are!)
  • How to understand old farmhouse basements and floor beams
  • What to do if you're a newbie to flipping farm houses
  • How to understand old electric in a farmhouse 
  • ​What to look for in attics & septics
  • ​Breaking down window replacements, hot water heaters, oil tanks, reframing the farm house and MORE! 
BONUS #3: LIVE Recordings of our GA & VIP Accelerate Your Path Training ($3,965 Value)
  • Learn to fill out your financial statement to understand your financial baseline
  • Understand how your market will dictate what type of marketing methods to use
  • ​Learn what will and will not work in your specific area for the exact types of deals that fit your strategy
  • ​Special Training: Get Your Tenants to Ask YOU For a Rent Increase - With Special Guest Dion Mcneeley 
  • Drill down what sites to use to pull lists based on what avenue of real estate investing you have chosen
  • All 5 VIP LIVE Sessions with Q&A with April Crossley
  • ​Over 5 hours of bonus training content
  • ​All of the previous PDF's, contracts, and documents from our Accelerate Your Path Training
BONUS #4: Expert Call Recordings from our Power Houses ($1,697 Value)
  • Over 8 hours of juicy, never before seen unreleased content
  • Interviews with the Queen of Section 
  • ​Exclusive private money lending panel interview
  • Call recording discussing probates 
  • Call recording discussing seller financing examples 
  • Call recordings discussing JV mailing
  • ​April breaks down lending options + more
  • ​Building a sell my house fast website 
BONUS #5: All of our Lazy Girl REI PDF's, Contracts, Scripts, and MORE($1,997 Value)
  • Rental Property Calculations Sheet 
  •  Networking Questions
  • ​Consistent Action Plan
  • ​Flip Property Calculations
  • ​Offer to Purchase Document
  • ​Property Management Call Scripts 
  • ​Property Walkthrough Sheet 
  • ​Scope of Work Template
  • ​Deal Analyzer
  • ​House Hacking Multi Family Sample Letter
  • ​Small Multi-Family Sample Letter #1
  • ​​Small Multi-Family Sample Letter #2
  • Seller Questions PDF (Single Family)
  • Seller Questions PDF (Multi Family)
  • ​Right to Know Form
  • Assignment Agreement
  • ​Action Packet
  • ​Questions to Ask Your Banker
  • ​Contractor Interview Sheet
  • ​Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracker
  • ​Multi-Family Sample Letter #1 
  • ​​Multi-Family Sample Letter #2
  • ​​Multi-Family Sample Letter #3
  • ​​Multi-Family Sample Letter #4
TOTAL VALUE: $11,350

But for a limited time, you can get all of this TODAY for...

ONLY $497

 Week 1: Marketing Strategies

  •  We cover our entire seller process tactics including 15+ ways to find deals, list pulling of 5+ niche list, and more
  • ​We will show you each marketing campaign including direct mail, cold calling, and 2 of our top FREE marketing channels and more! 
  • ​Our exact direct mail piece that has helped us close over 50 deals in the last 12 months
  • ​We will show you our #1 source of deals and help you get it setup as well

 Week 2: Analyzing Deals

  • Learn how to analyze deals like a pro, removing analysis paralysis for GOOD
  • ​We will show you the 2 easiest exit strategies and review them on real deals
  • ​We will take you step by step through REAL deals that we have purchased, showing you different calculations when running your numbers 
  • ​Deal or Dud? Learn how to identify if a deal will work, so you don't get stuck in a messy situation

 Week 3: Rehab Projects and Mastering Costs

  • Create a systemized approach to your rehab projects so you don't miss a thing
  • ​Learn what to look for while walking a potential property, exterior and interior
  • ​Learn how to identify issues within the mechanicals and electrical of houses
  • ​Get our step by step process on how to run your rehab numbers and find contractors

 Week 4: Lead Management Process

  • Identify if and when you need a transaction coordinator in your business
  • ​Learn our step by step lead management process workflow with a 1 hour over with our head of acquisitions, Modesta Heredia 
  • ​Learn our negotiation tactics 
  • ​We will show you what metrics we track for our acquisitions team
Please, Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
"I wish I had done this years ago and the reality is what you will gain is immeasurable. You really need a network of people to grow. It will pay off easily. It's a very good investment."
- Rob Sayre ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I started April's program in December and i got my first flip under contract in January and second flip is in progress. Lots of really good information, but also I feel like I have more support and I"m surrounded now by people who have my mindset and who when I have a convo with them don't look at me like i have 10 heads!" 
- Donna Mick ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • REI Kick-Starter Training With April - ($2,995 VALUE)
  • Wholesale business setup Training with Modesta - - - - - ($995 VALUE)
  • Weekly HOT SEATS with Helen  - - - - - ($4,995 VALUE) 
  • Weekly DEAL Walkthrough with Troy  - ($1,995 VALUE)
  • Live & Virtual Events (Bootcamps & Challenges) Tickets Discounts - - - - - ($495 VALUE)
  • Documents Templates, Scrips and other REI resources - ($495 VALUE)
  • Additional Trainings from April, the coaches & other REI Experts - - - - - - - (INVALUEABLE)
  • Private Facebook Group  - - - - - - - - - (INVALUEABLE)

TOTAL VALUE: at least... $11,970


month-to-month, until cancelled

or save $590 on annual payments of just $2,950 p/year

  • Rehab Boss Home Study Course with Troy's Resources - ($1,495 VALUE)
  • ​BONUS 1: Accelerate Your Path To REI Success 5-Day challenge - ($495 VALUE)
  • BONUS 2: Private Money Lending 5-Day challenge Recordings & VIP sessions - ($395 VALUE)
  • BONUS 3: Rental Property Calculation Worksheet - ($315  VALUE) 
  • BONUS 4: Marketing KPI Tracker to help you track your leads - ($195 VALUE)
  • ​BONUS 5: April’s personal tools and resources library - ($95 VALUE)


$295 per Month

Build a Consistent, Predictable, Profitable Real Estate Investing Business That Supports You and Your Family...

No more wondering and waiting for "someday."

Follow a Proven Roadmap.

Investor Accelerator members know EXACTLY where they are and where they're going. 
There's no guesswork involved.

We'll show you the path and keep you accountable as you launch and grow your house flipping or wholesaling business.

Confidence & Peace of Mind for Real Estate Investors.

This journey isn't for everyone. It takes hard work. It takes commitment.

But the end result is worth it...

Time and income to live the life you want, to provide for your family and your loved ones, to give back and make an impact on the world.

And a business you can be proud of.

This is what we'll help you build over inside the Investor Accelerator.

Commit to the process.

Join 100's of other committed real estate investors as we launch a new round of the Investor Accelerator.

Hit the button below to jump in!


April Crossley is a no nonsense educator and investor who helps people grow wealth with real estate. She began investing in 2004 when she started flipping houses as a side gig. She currently has two house flipping companies, owns a portfolio of small multifamily rental properties in Berks County, 
partners on syndications, owns a mobile home park, 
owns shared affordable housing and is also a private lender.

 April retired at the age of 35 from a 13 year long career in healthcare by investing in real estate. Since the start of her career she has helped hundreds of people retire from their careers early by teaching them how to grow wealth with real estate via her consulting company Lazy Girl REI. 

April has a You Tube Channel with over 21,000 subscribers that she utilizes to help spread her message about growing wealth with real estate so more people can have financial freedom. 

April speaks frequently on podcast interviews and at conferences about her journey from teenage mom to millionaire. 

She is passionate about helping other people grow wealth with real estate by helping them find the path that is best for them: flipping vs. owning rental property vs. passive investing. 

And so came the birth of Lazy Girl REI.



Modesta Heredia previously worked as an Internal Consultant for the continuous improvement department at one of the largest employers in Berks County PA.

 She retired to a full time real estate career after 5 years. She took her love of systems, processes and problem solving and applied it to scaling a successful real estate wholesaling and flipping company that currently closes 50+ deals a year.

She oversees a team that consists of 2 acquisitions managers, 2 virtual assistants and a lead manager. 

Modesta owns small multifamily apartment buildings and single family rental properties. She takes pride in providing clean, affordable housing to
residents in Berks County, PA. 

She has accomplished all of this while simultaneously raising her two young girls with her husband Wilson.


Troy Good is the owner of Good Contracting, LLC a residential & commercial construction
company specializing in large jobs such as windows, decks and roofing, based out of Boyertown, PA. 

Unlike many contractors, Troy has been able to structure his contracting business so that
he oversees the business and is not working in the day to day operations. He has done this by
building his contracting business and simultaneously building his real estate portfolio on the side.

Troy enjoys flipping houses that most other investors will not touch such as: fire damage,
structural issues, large farmhouse renovations, etc. 

Troy enjoys educating others on how to find contractors, how to work with contractors and how contractors can get off the job by creating passive income from rentals.

Let Me Remove The Risk For You, 
A Full 30 Day Refund

Go through the Lazy Girl REI Accelerator.
Eat it all up. Devour it. Implement it. Show up to weekly calls.

We'll help you develop your investing plan.

Put everything to the test.

I'll give you 30 days to decide if you want to stick with it.

If not (or if you don't see the amazing value) -

Email me at hello@lazygirlrei.com within the 
first 30 days and I'll give your money back. All $497 of it.

I don't need it. Your $500 bucks won't change my life.

What do you say…. Are you up for the challenge?

If so, LET'S GO.

SLAM the button below

I'll see you inside the Lazy Girl REI Accelerator!

-April Crossley


Is this training live? 

No. This is a self-paced online course we pre-recorded training videos to do at your own pace. There is however a private facebook group included that April and her team actively post in and check daily, so if you have questions, we will be there to help!

How long do I have access to the training? 

You get lifetime access to the investor accelerator training course along with any updates we make in the future. 

If I have questions, can I contact you?

We encourage you to post all your questions in the private Facebook™ group. This way you and 4,000 like minded people can learn from your experiences and share their knowledge with you as well. 

Who is this training for?

Anyone who has done a real estate transaction before and are looking to improve their systems, marketing, script, processes and exit strategies! If you have never done a real estate deal before, try starting with our $7 Home Flipping Challenge for Newbies! 

If wanted, are there additional training or coaching opportunities?

Yes we can take someone as far they want to go. We do 50+ deals a year flipping and wholesaling, and we help people model our business in their area. We encourage everyone who wants to improve and scale to apply to our Inner Circle Program (Our Inner Circle is for experienced investors only and has a substantial down payment.)


Got Questions? Need Help? Not Getting Our Emails?

Reach Out to hello@LazyGirlREI.com

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