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April Crossley and her elite experts provide guidance with 50+ collective years of knowledge and experience in the real estate investing industry. 

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April Crossley is a no nonsense educator and investor who helps people grow wealth with real estate. She began investing in 2004 when she started flipping houses as a side gig. She currently has two house flipping companies, owns a portfolio of small multifamily rental properties in Berks County, partners on syndications, owns a mobile home park, owns shared affordable housing and is also a private lender.

 April retired at the age of 35 from a 13 year long career in healthcare by investing in real estate.

Now she works as the CEO of her REI business Lazy Girl REI, but is operationally removed from the business. She now spends her time helping others learn the REI Business.  She teaches new investors how to build and scale their businesses 0 to 6-figure CEO's without any of their own money. She also has an Inner Circle opportunity for experienced investors looking to wholesale and flip without creating or scaling a team of their own. 

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  • Training Portal: Lifetime access to a training portal that sets the stage to effortlessly overcome the 4 biggest Moo-lah mysteries in the REI game.
  • FREE BONUS #1: Target Market Sheet 
  •  FREE BONUS #2: Action Plan Guide 
  • ​FREE BONUS #3: Goal Setting Guide 

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Our Elite Lazy Girl Programs are optimized to take you from complete beginner looking to hit the ground running to 6-figure investing empires. No matter where you are in your journey.. newbie or seasoned closer - If you are willing to put in the work, our programs can work for you too!

Hear testimonies from our students Kevin, Lesli, and their newborn Tripp to hear exactly how tall they scaled their empires!

Join the Lazy Girl REI Community

"Community" has transformed into one of those clichéd terms, much like "harmony" or "perfection." However, the moment you become a part of THIS exclusive community of Go-Givers, you step into a network of like-minded achievers who are on the accelerated path to real estate investing success.

Here, we share a deep-rooted passion for real estate and a mutual commitment to achieving our financial goals. Within this dynamic community, we all stand tall, empowering one another to make bold investment moves and embrace their potential as influential real estate investors.

Straight from The Mouths of our Lazy Girl REI Family

"After being a part of this 5 day challenge, watching both April and Modesta's videos, watching the passion you both express toward real estate on what it provides the community, your families, and your self is inspiring. I feel completely confident you could help grow my real estate business."

- Adam C.

"After attending the 5 day challenge I'm confident that the way April & Modesta educate, lead, and coach would work well with my personality and goal sets."

- Eric M.

"I appreciate your honesty everytime we've asked questions. I want to know good bad and ugly and how you improved from them...you've been great putting your laundry out there per se."

- Danette C.

"I really want to say Thank You to April and Modesta for this group and all the information in the 5 day challenge. And everyone on all the calls. I definitely feel like I'm in the right place. And have learned a lot. "

- Amy M.

"I have been following April on YouTube for three years and talked to her on one occasion. April comes across as an honest, sincere person that I have learned from. On this current challenge I feel that Modesta is also a very sincere and knowledgeable person. I also like the fact that you both explain things in a way I can understand. The other thing that stands out to me is your empathy and compassion for people."

- Lupita L.

"I love the no BS approach. I feel that I can really learn a lot from your combined experience in the area."

- Kevin M.

"I have been following April for the last 4.5 years at least and admire her "go get em" attitude. I've always wished to have the guts she has. I just "met" Modesta in the challenge and I see that she too has a wealth of knowledge and patients. You two ladies make a great team and I would love to be part of that team."

- Samantha L.

"I have to say… you have been so incredibly accessible even without me being a (coaching) student!"

- Tricia M.

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Bring the teachings of April Crossley into your everyday life with one of the at home
programs and courses designed to help you acheive financial freedom and investing greatness.
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Newbie Home Flipping Challenge
 The Simple, Overlooked Secrets In My Investing Business That Took Lazy Girl REI From Start-Up To a 6-Figure Wholesaling and Flipping Business.By the time you're done with my Newbie Home Flipping Challenge, you'll have the foundational training you need, an actual physical investing plan to follow and your lead generation game-plan, allowing you to score your next real estate deal!
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Deal Analyzer 
My Lazy Girl Deal Analyzer tool is used to evaluate the financial feasibility and potential profitability of a real estate investment opportunity. It's essentially a spreadsheet that allows investors to input various financial data related to a potential property purchase and calculates key metrics to help them make informed decisions.

It can helpful to calculate an array of information not limited to property information, purchase price and financing, operating expenses, rental income, vacancy rate, other incomes, one time expenses, cash flow, cash on cash return, cap rates, ROI's, and more!
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"I seriously don't know where my business would be without this KPI Tracker... probably still closing zero leads."

- Alex 

KPI TRacker
You need to have an easy & effective way of tracking your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)! 

I've tried dozens of different KPI trackers and found them to be so complicated and not user friendly.. 

After decades of research, we have come up with our simple, easy to utilize, and incredibly successful KPI tracker to help you follow up and close on your incoming leads, build your portfolio, and dominate your investing empire.

REI Accelerator course
"I know it’s possible to make money flipping houses, wholesaling properties, and buying rentals... but I have no idea where to start.” 

Sound familiar??

Start Flipping and Wholesaling Cheap, Off-Market Houses in the Next 30 Days... Without Using Your Own Money! 

Steal my Proven Step by Step Systems and Break Free from Analysis Paralysis. 

Purchase the REI Accelerator today, and I'll throw in $10,000 worth of bonuses to help you on your journey. :) 
For the Seasoned Investor Looking to Scale
Inner circle partnership 

For Experienced Investors Only 

We send out marketing for you on a weekly basis and our aquisitons team takes all of your seller calls for you. Their job is to build rapport with the seller and contract deals for you. We send you to the property to take pictures, and back to relaxing you go! Our team negotiates the price you want to purhcase at with the seller, and locks in deals for you... all you have to do now is show up to the closing table. It really is that easy! Free to apply, apply by clicking the button below!
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