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Hear testimonies from our students Kevin, Lesli, and their newborn Tripp to hear exactly how tall they scaled their empires!

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"Community" has transformed into one of those clichéd terms, much like "harmony" or "perfection." However, the moment you become a part of THIS exclusive community of Go-Givers, you step into a network of like-minded achievers who are on the accelerated path to real estate investing success.

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WORDS FROM Our past and current students 
Take It From Our Tribe:
"Margaret and I both wanted to thank you for your coaching session. We found the material, structure and flow of your course completely on mark. No wasting time, no BS, just straight shooting to the point presentations. And the added bonus was your quick responsiveness to our questions - faster than Fast Cash for House :)"

- Ken

“I am honored and blessed to be a part of the BEST coachingprogram EVER and for the opportunity to be coached by two ofthe BADDEST women in the business. Last night's coaching callwas packed full of information and ah ha moments. Not only that,I sent out my first round of marketing letters last week andalready have my first lead, which I will walk through tomorrow.I am BOTH excited and petrified but I know, that I am in goodhands and good company.”

- Donna Mick

“As my husband put it best today, "Santa Claus is real!"Finally, after zooming, FB messaging, texting, missing eachother at a dinner gathering, etc, I got to meet April Crossley inperson. I'm cursing myself for not taking a picture with her toprove it to the world, but I know there will be a lot moreopportunities to come in the near future. If you have theopportunity to really, and I mean really, get to know whoApril is, do so. She is very humble.”

- Danielle

"After being a part of this house flipping challenge, watching both April and Modesta's videos, watching the passion you both express toward real estate on what it provides the community, your families, and your self is inspiring. I feel completely confident you could help grow my real estate business."

- Adam Chadwick

"After attending the house flipping challenge I'm confident that the way April & Modesta educate, lead, and coach would work well with my personality and goal sets."

- Eric Martin

"I appreciate your honesty everytime we've asked questions. I want to know good bad and ugly and how you improved from've been great putting your laundry out there per se."

- Danette Cozzi

"I love the no BS approach. I feel that I can really learn a lot from your combined experience in the area."

- Kevin Moll

"I have been following April on YouTube for three years and talked to her on one occasion. April comes across as an honest, sincere person that I have learned from. On this current challenge I feel that Modesta is also a very sincere and knowledgeable person. I also like the fact that you both explain things in a way I can understand. The other thing that stands out to me is your empathy and compassion for people."

- Lupita Lopez

"I have been following April for the last 4.5 years at least and admire her "go get em" attitude. I've always wished to have the guts she has. I just "met" Modesta in the challenge and I see that she too has a wealth of knowledge and patients. You two ladies make a great team and I would love to be part of that team."

- Samantha Lotti

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