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5-DAY Challenge
 Free Virtual Training
For Real Estate Investing Newbies
And Seasoned Investors
What You'll Learn During These 5 Days:
    Personal Wealth Plan
      Teenage Mom to a Millionaire Wealth Grower... that's April - and she wants YOU to change YOUR life and the lives of those you love... but 
    • ​Where do you find support if friends and family do not understand you…
    • ​How do you teach this knowledge to your kids? 
    • ​How to understand your personal finances?
    • ​And start NOW! Regardless where you are in life!
    REI Lead Generation
      107 seller calls in 2 days
      This was our team’s new record recently
      When you decide to level up your game for 2023 & get an early jump on it…. It’s good growth… but uncomfortable… and at times painful… but necessary
      I am so proud of our team for sticking it out with us & stepping up their game during this time
      2023 goals… we’re coming for ya
    • How to choose your market...
    • ​​Types of lists to buy...
    • ​​Identify your marketing budget...
    • ​​Types of marketing...
    • How often you should follow up and for how long...
    Business Operations
      During this session we take you behind the scenes for our Flipping & Wholesale operations, show you how Berks County House buyers DEAL MACHINE is setup, what data we track and what tools we use
    • Follow up system from lead gen to closing
    • ​Campaign tracking
    • ​Team Sales Training
    • ​Seller Calls: the good… the bad… and the UGLY
    Deal Analysis
      This is THE MAIN SECRET INGREDIENT of doing the deals - running your numbers will make or break the deal! Master the estimation process and connect with GOOD contractors!
    Grow Wealth & Change Lives using PMLs
      Fastest route to this is partnering. Discuss my first deal on a partnership. Discuss deal splits. Discuss JV agreements. Discuss who has the deed in their name etc. Discuss how it is best to partner if you have no experience and absolutely zero money. How do you know who you can trust?
    This Challenge is for SERIOUS investors only
    Join April & Lazy Girl REI Coaches for 5 days straight as we walk you through creating your personalized investment plan for 2023! 
    How Do You Know Which Avenue Of
    Real Estate Is Best For You?
    A lot of people think they have to flip houses or own rentals...

    Of course you could start a Real Estate Investing Business and wholesale, flip, buy rentals etc.

    However not everyone is interested in running this as a business, and let's be honest, for whatever reasons, not everyone is fit to do it!

    This is a struggle we see in this REI world day in and day out. People come for freedom and find themselves trapped in another job that they don't like and aren't good at. So what do they do? They quit... And we hate to see it so bad, that made it our priority to explain to investors that come to our events, that it doesn't have to be this way!!!

    There are so many creative ways to invest... 

    In these 5 Days together, we'll walk you through the essential strategic steps so you can figure out which strategy is truly a good fit for you based on:
    • How much time you have...
    • How much money you have...
    • What you do for full-time work now...
    • ​What your previous job is...
    • ​What your credit is...
    • ​What your connections are...
    • ​And so on and so forth....
    Everything you want to accomplish 
    your life dreams, goals and desires are already in you! You may be just missing a solid plan and a proper mentorship.
    Who is
    AprIl Crossley
    April is a full time real estate investor in Berks County, PA who is passionate about helping others rise and grow wealth with real estate. April was a young mother at the age of 16 and has overcome adversity and a lack of financial education to live a life of financial freedom as her own boss. She began investing in 2004 when she started flipping houses as a side gig while working in healthcare full time. Coming off of college debt, welfare, and supporting her son as a young mother she had no money to buy real estate on her own so she started teaming up with other people that had more experience. Since 2004 April has flipped houses and built a real estate portfolio by purchasing off market deals using private money. She eventually was flipping houses and buying rental properties enough that she was making more money in real estate than she was working full time in healthcare. At 35 years old, she retired from a 13 year-long, full time health care career to run her real estate business full time.

    April is passionate about financially educating others and helping others rise to grow wealth. She firmly believes the more people that grow wealth, the more lives we can change and therefore leave a greater positive impact on the world. April organizes a real estate investment group in Berks County, PA that has 1,500 members and her YouTube Channel with over 16,000 subscribers that she utilizes to help spread her message about growing wealth with real estate so more people can have financial freedom.

    April has helped people from all over the United States find the path to financial freedom that is best for them: Flipping houses vs. Owning Rentals vs. Private Lending. She has raised millions in private funds and has trusted relationships with dozens of private lenders that she works with regularly. She continues to flip houses in Berks County, she owns a small multifamily portfolio in Berks, she is a private lender and currently partners on the purchase of large apartment buildings. April is currently traveling the U.S. full time in her RV with her husband while working her businesses remotely.
    Meet The Coaches:
    Troy owns a local home grown business serving the needs of both residential & commercial businesses. Their team does great quality work with competitive pricing.

    Specializing in roofing, windows & decks. He is also a real estate investor who enjoys flipping and is not afraid of structural issues and other big challenges.
    Modesta is mom and wife first and she is also the owner and founder of Invest Like A Mom brand. Although real estate investing is her passion, she wanted to create a platform for other moms all around the world to connect and learn about investing in themselves and their families.

    Whether that be through real estate, stocks, financial literacy for their families or even just prioritizing self-care as a mom. It is her passion to educate herself along with other mothers all around the world.
    If your Real Estate Agent doesn't work with REOs, 
    get them on THIS TRAINING with Helen!!!
    They need to be taking advantage of the opportunities that are coming up... 
    4,5 years worth of REOs are coming to the market and we want YOU to capitalize on these opportunities...
    What Previous Attendees Said About Our 
    5-Day Challenge:
    “April, the knowledge, the support, and the resources that you've shared have given me the confidence that I ever so needed to take the first step.”

    - Toya

    "Hey April, I just wanted to thank you for having us at the house tonight and going over all those things.. The knowledge that you are providing us with is incredible!!"

    - Brandon

    "After being a part of this 5 day challenge, watching both April and Modesta's videos, watching the passion you both express toward real estate on what it provides the community, your families, and your self is inspiring. I feel completely confident you could help grow my real estate business."

    - Adam C.

    "After attending the 5 day challenge I'm confident that the way April & Modesta educate, lead, and coach would work well with my personality and goal sets."

    - Eric M.

    "I appreciate your honesty everytime we've asked questions. I want to know good bad and ugly and how you improved from've been great putting your laundry out there per se."

    - Danette C.

    "I really want to say Thank You to April and Modesta for this group and all the information in the 5 day challenge. And everyone on all the calls. I definitely feel like I'm in the right place. And have learned a lot. "

    - Amy M.

    "Margaret and I both wanted to thank you for your coaching session. We found the material, structure and flow of your course completely on mark. No wasting time, no BS, just straight shooting to the point presentations. And the added bonus was your quick responsiveness to our questions - faster than Fast Cash for House :)"

    - Ken

    "I have been following April on YouTube for three years and talked to her on one occasion. April comes across as an honest, sincere person that I have learned from. On this current challenge I feel that Modesta is also a very sincere and knowledgeable person. I also like the fact that you both explain things in a way I can understand. The other thing that stands out to me is your empathy and compassion for people."

    - Lupita L.

    "I love the no BS approach. I feel that I can really learn a lot from your combined experience in the area."

    - Kevin M.

    "I have been following April for the last 4.5 years at least and admire her "go get em" attitude. I've always wished to have the guts she has. I just "met" Modesta in the challenge and I see that she too has a wealth of knowledge and patients. You two ladies make a great team and I would love to be part of that team."

    - Samantha L.

    "I have to say… you have been so incredibly accessible even without me being a (coaching) student!"

    - Tricia M.

    More Takeaways and A-ha Moments From
    The Challenge Attendees:
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